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The fruit: Alphonso mangoes is the best over 1000 varieties that grow in India the mango has a warm sweet taste, which are sometimes pleasantly tart. The fruit known as king of mangoes and rich aromatic flavor, it is a good source of vitamin A and C.

Peak harvesting season: May to June

Product description: Alphonso Mango pulp/puree is extracted from sound, mature and ripe Totapuri mangoes by mechanical process and packed aseptically or hot packed in cans under hygienic conditions

Microbiological status: Alphonso mango pulp is free from any pathogenic bacteria Aseptic and canned products are commercially sterile

Packaging: Alphonso mango pulp is a packed in aseptic bags of 210 liters capacity in open top steel drum. Canned product is packed in A-10 size can hermetically sealed and retorted six can are packed in 5 ply carton provided with separator

Recommend storage conditions: Alphonso mango pulp can be stored at ambient temperature. Higher temperature and sunlight should be avoid to enhance shelf life

Labeling: products name, batch code, product code, net weight, gross weight, date of manufacturing, manufacturer's name origin

Quality standards: HACCP, GMP systems is applied in the manufacturing, storage & other operation the system is certified for ISO 9001 – 2008 & HACCP (food safety)

Shelf life:

Canned product: up to 24 month

Aseptic product: 12 months to 24 months depending upon storage conditions

Additives and preservatives: product is free from additives and preservatives

Weight per pack and container load:
Alphonso Mango pulp Gross Wt Kgs Net wt in Kgs Container load
Aseptic packing 210 liters 235 215 80 Drums per 20' dry container
Canned pulp in carton 21.0 18.6 1000 carton per 20' dry container

Note: These are our basic specifications however; the product can be as per buyer's specifications depending upon the final use of product and contry of import

Naturalalphonso Mango Pulp (Puree) Specifications Download

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