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Vision Agro Foods foods is company producing fruit pulp/puree, aromas and processed food and is one of the leading supply mango pulp/puree to the fruit juice, soft drink and beverages industries The company is the premier mango pulp/puree producer in both volume and quantity. It is the district of Chittoor south of India that Vision Agro Foods have installed its agro industry located 160 KM from port of Chennai the complex is very convenient placed for exporting the produced products. Vision Agro Foods has evolved fruit pulp/puree and fruit juice for the food processing industry

Vision Agro Foods the company has become synomous with a premium range natural fruit pulp and processed foods. Strategically located state of the art manufacturing facility for the production .the main aim of the company has become to provide its clients.

Following a very vigorous operation of processing fruit, stringent quality control adhering to agreed specifications, ensuring quality consistency and prompt transportation. it is not surprising that the growth of Vision Agro Foods domestic as well as international market in leaps and bounds today Vision Agro Foods has been proclaimed as a premium brand for fruit pulp, aromas and processed foods


Vision Agro Foods process 4500 tons of fruit per year in a modern industrial plant. Our equipments meet the highest standards from automation systems scales for perfect accuracy to state of the art Aseptic filling to guarantee long shelf life at ambient temperature. The modern equipments at our plant reduce the physical burden on our employees allowing them to devote their full concentration to quality.

After inspection and shorting over a fruit conveyor belt, ripe mangoes are transferred to the fruit washer. The washer cleans the fruits thoroughly removing every inch of dirt and grime after washing the fruits is put in to the cutting conveyor belt, they are sorted in to grades and then cut in two, then they are steamed in a pulping and preheating system taken through a decantation process, pasteurized and filled in to cans, sterilized and filled through aseptic filler to the drums It is assured that the quality of products will be 100% natural

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Vision Agro Foods, 7/1077,
M J Kunta, Simhapuri Colony,
Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh,
India - 516002

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Vision agro foods,
2B, 2nd Floor, B.M.R Enclaves,
Beside VCR degree collage
Red Cross Street, Mittoor,
CHITTOOR – 517001, Andhra Pradesh

Contact Person : Venkatesh

Cell : +919440305900 / +919949823122
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